The Journal of Educational Research


Founded in 1971, the Journal of Educational Research publishes scholarly articles related to educational research in many fields, including classroom management, curriculum, curriculum design, technology, and instructional design. It also provides peer review of articles. This is important because it helps ensure that the research published in the Journal of Educational Research is relevant and timely.


Whether you are writing a literature review for an educational research journal or writing a longer article, the abstract of your paper plays an important role. It serves as a basic overview of your paper and presents your research question, main results and methodological approach. It also helps to give a quick impression to readers.

Abstracts are usually between 100 and 300 words. They are never longer than a page. They should have a clear focus and general aesthetic appeal. They should also impress strong content.

The quality of the abstract is within the control of the education research community. You can improve the quality of your abstracts, thus improving the accessibility and use of your educational research.

Descriptive research

Described research is a form of observational research. This type of research is used for gathering information on a wide range of topics. Typically, a descriptive study includes an analysis of data collected via surveys or questionnaires. Using statistical techniques, the data are analyzed to determine a range of measures such as central tendency, variation, and correlation.

Descriptive research can be quantitative or qualitative. It uses a variety of data collection methods, including surveys, interviews, and case studies. These methods can be conducted offline or online. Surveys are often used in descriptive research to collect large amounts of data in a short period of time.

Correlational research

During correlational research, researchers look at two quantitative or qualitative variables and determine whether there is a relationship between them. It can also provide an initial indication of causal relationships. This type of research is usually used in conjunction with other methodologies.

Correlational research is used in many areas, including health, business, education, and research. It helps researchers develop theories and make predictions. It can also help initiate health related activities and changes.

Correlational research uses statistical methods to determine the relationship between two variables. These methods can be used to find cause-and-effect relationships, predict the behavior of an individual, or assess the prevalence of a health condition.

Experimental research

Among the various research methods used in education, experiments are perhaps the most common. Experimental research is conducted by a researcher who studies a given situation under controlled conditions. This allows for the measurement of outcomes. Researchers also have the option of manipulating variables to gauge the relationship between them.

In the field of educational research, experiments have been used for a variety of reasons, including measuring the effectiveness of educational practices. The purpose of an experiment is to determine the effects of a particular strategy on student performance. Those effects may be minimal, or they may be significant. Experiments are typically limited to a certain population, such as students or teachers. Researchers also have the option of using case studies or surveys.

Peer review

Whether you are a researcher, educator or practitioner, peer review in the journal of educational research is a key step in maintaining high standards of scholarly communication. This process provides feedback and guidance to authors on how to improve their papers before publication. Peer review also helps to alert authors to any potential problems with their work.

The International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes research articles on education from all disciplines. This open-access journal has been established to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge in education.

The journal accepts articles that solve research problems in education and other areas. It is a high-quality peer-reviewed journal that welcomes submissions of articles across all disciplines.

Special issues

Besides publishing research papers, the journal of educational research publishes Special issues. These are collections of articles that are grouped together to create an overview of the field. Unlike traditional journal articles, these are not limited to a specific period of time and they can be published as soon as the final manuscript is received. Depending on the scope of the Special Issue, some papers may be published in print.

The journal of educational research publishes articles on all aspects of education. These may include K-12 education, higher education, and research and development. The journal also publishes reviews of educational technology. It is the ideal source of current research information.

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