Smart Gadgets For Car


Using smart gadgets for car can be very helpful in making your driving safer. These gadgets include car GPS systems, car back-up cameras, and mobile phone chargers. They can also help you keep track of your driving records, and monitor the status of your vehicle.

Amkette Audio receiver

Earlier this year Amkette unveiled its Trubeats ClipOn, a pair of headphones and a gizmo that is worthy of a mention in the same breath. The headset has a surprisingly wide range of features. The gizmo can be worn on the head or clipped to a collar. It comes with a micro USB charging cable and a pair of high quality earbuds. It has a modest 10W output. It can be found in stores across the country for under Rs 30,000.

Helteko tire pump

Using a portable tire pump can save you time at the gas station. It is handy in case your battery dies or your tire loses all of its air. This smart gadget also makes it easy to fill up your tire to the desired pressure.

A good tire pump can cost as little as $15, but you may have to pay more if you want features such as an auto cut off, automatic stop or an LED flashlight. The cheap ones may lack a carrying case, but high-end models may come with one.

Nonda ZUS smart car charger

Using an app-connected car charger is an innovative way to get your mobile devices charged. While many car chargers are powered by a 12-volt accessory port, this device features a pair of USB-A ports that allow you to charge two high-wattage USB accessories at the same time.

The ZUS Smart Car Charger is a revolutionary device that connects to your vehicle’s 12V power socket and works with a companion app. The app helps you to locate your vehicle, while also allowing you to record the mileage you’ve traveled and alert you when your battery needs a charge.

iOttie’s Velox

iOttie has launched a new line of smart gadgets that are designed to be the perfect companion to your smartphone. The Velox series consists of three form factors, including a MagSafe compatible charger, a vent-style charger and a wireless power bank. The Velox MagSafe power bank comes with a USB-C port, which allows it to supply power to other devices as well.

The Velox wireless charger delivers up to 7.5W of power to MagSafe compatible iPhones. The device’s sleek and simple design also features a USB-C port for charging other devices.

Ring’s RTC200

Designed to bring Ring whole-home security to your car, the new Ring Car Cam features intelligent sensors that actively monitor for bumps and attempted break-ins. These events trigger sensors and real-time alerts to the Ring app.

In addition, the new Ring Cam offers emergency crash assist, a feature that automatically pings first responders when a crash is detected. Users can also control the privacy of data stored by the camera. Using an optional connectivity plan, users can check on their vehicle and see important information such as location, driving history, and tire pressure.

TOGUARD car backup camera

Having a backup camera is a great way to ensure that you can see what is behind your vehicle. This will make driving in reverse much easier, and will help you to make sure that you can safely avoid accidents. You will also be able to see what is on the road ahead of you.

There are many different types of backup cameras, each with different features and prices. You will need to decide which type will best suit your needs and budget.

HONSHOOP Bluetooth headset

Choosing a quality Bluetooth headset is one of the best ways to reduce the risks of distracted driving. With a good headset, you can stream music, give GPS directions, and even make phone calls without having to lift a finger.

Bluetooth headsets come in mono and stereo. Mono headsets are ideal for drivers, as they leave one ear free to observe the surroundings. They are also very small, so they can be worn while exercising or while driving.

Vinli app store

Developed in Dallas, Texas, Vinli is a connected car device that is designed to turn any car into a smart car. It plugs into the OBD-II port of any vehicle, providing access to a web-connected app store and in-car Wi-Fi.

Vinli uses an open platform that allows developers to create applications and services for car drivers. The app store contains a variety of applications for iOS, Android and web. These applications are designed to provide a personalized connected car experience.

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