Five of the Most Dangerous Countries in the World


Having spent some time in the United States, I have learned to appreciate the fact that we are a far more stable country than many people would like to believe. But there is still plenty of room for improvement. There are still a number of countries in the world that are dangerous, and here are five that should be on your radar.


Among the world’s most dangerous countries is Afghanistan, the land of the Taliban. It is a country of war, violence, and corruption. The country has been mired in conflict for decades.

Since the Taliban took over in 2001, only a few people have been allowed to leave the country. This has resulted in a massive loss of life. The Taliban enforces Islamic rules and prohibits women from working and attending school.

The government is so corrupt that it has made it difficult for the population to get access to basic services. This is especially true for women. It is not uncommon for female authority figures to be fired or arrested.


Located between Nicaragua and Guatemala, Honduras is a banana republic. It was named by William Sydney Porter, an American writer, who fleed to the country in the 1890s to avoid embezzlement charges.

The Honduran government remains in power despite allegations that it has links to international drug trafficking networks. The country has become a major transit point for cocaine that reaches US soil. However, the government has not taken effective action against drug-related crime.

Poverty and the lack of economic opportunity drive people toward gangs and crime. There is also a large lack of quality education. These factors contribute to the violence that occurs in Honduras.


Despite many improvements in the security situation in Somalia over the past few years, the country remains a threat to civilians. As well as the Al-Shabaab militants who rule much of the country, a range of militant actors operate on Somalia’s territory.

Al-Shabaab continues to launch attacks on both military and civilian targets. Its influence varies among the semi-autonomous regions.

The country is also a major hub for the illegal cheetah trade. This is controlled by North and East African traffickers. These networks are also used by al-Shabaab. The cheetah trade is largely aimed at the Gulf states.

Somalia is also a hotspot for human trafficking. Human trafficking involves forced sexual exploitation and forced labour. The majority of trafficking victims are from south-central Somalia.


Throughout its short history, Burundi has faced numerous challenges. Its economy is largely based on agriculture. Agriculture employs about 90% of the population and accounts for 40% of GDP. Burundi’s infrastructure is in need of improvement. Its security situation is fragile.

A large number of Burundian citizens are food insecure, and the government has struggled to ensure access to drinking water. There is also a shortage of qualified health care providers. Malaria is a persistent challenge. There is a high rate of corruption.

The Burundian government is trying to transform the economy and win back European donors. It has made significant progress in improving education. Its net enrollment rate in primary education was 96% in the 2018/19 school year. It has also improved relations with neighboring countries.


Despite its small size and relative stability, Lesotho is a very dangerous country. It has been ranked as the sixth deadliest country in the world in 2019, according to a global homicide study by the UNODC.

The country’s capital, Maseru, is also ranked as one of the most crime-prone cities in the world. The US Department of State has cited the capital as a crime critical area.

Traveling alone is dangerous because there are very few street lights. Drivers are often reckless and unreliable. Taking a taxi is advisable, but you should be careful about dealing with shady taxi drivers.

Lesotho’s capital is full of things to see and do, but it’s also very dangerous. Avoid traveling at night, and don’t leave your children unattended.


Despite being a relatively peaceful country in the past, Ukraine now ranks as the world’s most dangerous. It was once ranked the 33rd most peaceful country, but the invasion of Russia has pushed the country to its worst place in the Global Peace Index.

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) rates countries based on 23 indicators. These include a murder rate, deaths from internal conflict, and the number of journalists killed in line of duty.

Crime is an issue in Ukraine, but it doesn’t seem to be a major problem. Despite that, the country is prone to floods, and has been subject to mine disasters. The country is also prone to freezing winters, making it vulnerable to storms.

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